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South sign sign academician to the company to guide the production of alfalfa


The construction of Wudi Alfalfa Science and Technology Academy in Shandong province has always been a distant concern of the academicians of the southern symbol.


Broad bean blooms clover fertilizer, the countryside several cover firewood door.


May 6,2024, sunny, breezy, early summer, Mad About Music. The 73-YEAR-OLD Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician and academic dean of the Qingdao Agricultural University Grass Industry College, Professor Nan Zhibiao, led a research team to the company to conduct research and guide grass production work, and to participate in the"South logo academician work base" signing, opening ceremony. Professor Wang Zengyu, director of the Qingdao Agricultural University Grass Industry College, director of the Binzhou Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Management Service Centre, Zheng Hongli, deputy director of the centre, Wu Yuangeng, cai Yinfang, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the People's Congress Party group in Wudi County; Yuan Qing, deputy county head of the Wudi County county government; Li Shihui, Secretary of the Party group of the Wudi County Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Management Service Center; Shandong Green Wind Agriculture Group Co. , Ltd. . Chairman, researcher Cui Lihua accompanied the activities.


 Cui Lihua on-site report on forage production


South Symbol Academician and his party first went to Lufeng group Liubao town million mu grass base for on-site inspection. Walking into the alfalfa field, what greeted my eyes was the boundless green ocean. Green Wind Pass Good News, know is a guest. This year's crop is growing well, with thousands of heads under the blue sky and white clouds swaying in the wind as if waving to the guests; the breeze rubs against the cheeks, and the fragrance of the Flowers Sweetens the heart. Southern academician was very happy, he bent down to look at the growth of alfalfa, while detailed questions about production management. Cui Lihua introduced the construction of forage grass base seriously, and made a careful report on his experience, deficiency and dream of forage grass industry for more than 20 years.


Expert leaders take a group photo in front of the alfalfa science and technology small courtyard in Wudi, Shandong province


South sign academician visits Green Wind company grass production plant area


The academician of Nanzhi logo highly appraised the achievements of the company and gave forward-looking suggestions for the future development of the company. He pointed out that at the present stage, the forage industry has broad prospects for development and employment in the context of the national strategy of integrated protection of mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, grass and sand, and systematic management, it is of great significance to develop grass husbandry for promoting green development and chinese-style modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The production of forage should be solved from the management and improvement of agricultural system, the connotation of“Storing grain in grass” should be deeply understood, and the concept of“Planting grass is planting grain, planting grass is growing meat and milk” should be established, we will vigorously promote the integration of agriculture and animal husbandry, grass and livestock, and farming. We must make full use of resources to develop grass and livestock, livestock industry to meet people's needs for a better life. We should vigorously develop innovative technology, rely on artificial intelligence and big data, information industry to promote the production of fine management, for the better and faster development of the forage industry to lay a solid foundation.


Academician of Nanzhi logo visited seed production equipment of Green Wind Company


The signing and unveiling ceremony was held at the Wudi County Government Centre. The deputy director of the County People's Congress, Cai Yinfang, presided over the meeting. Zheng Hongli, director of the municipal animal husbandry and Veterinary Management Service Center, and Yuan Qing, deputy county head of the county government, delivered speeches and warmly welcomed the arrival of the south logo academician expert team.


The meeting site


Academician's speech


Academician's speech at the ceremony.


South logo pointed out that to develop the forage industry, we should pay attention to the market, quality and scientific production. Strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the rapid development of industry, so that the country can be more powerful, agricultural modernization can be truly achieved.


A short and orderly signing ceremony ensued. South logo academician and chairman of the green wind group Cui Lihua researchers to sign on the spot, the meeting of leading experts to witness the signing. Finally held the“South logo academician work base” unveiling ceremony, south logo, Zheng Hongli together on stage unveiling.


The signing scene


“South logo academician work base” unveiled the scene


In recent years, the county committee and county governments of Wudi County county have responded positively to the central government's plan and have adhered to the principle of attaching equal importance to grass and livestock, and promoting the forage industry as a highly efficient economic growth point for the animal husbandry industry, to put forward the strategic plan of“Small town of forage grass”, and to inject vigor into the development of animal husbandry. In 2020, the technical innovation strategic alliance of the forage industry in Binzhou was registered and established, and the 2021 Association of Alfalfa cultivation in Wudi County was registered and established. On this basis, the towns and streets in Wudi County will give full play to their own advantages and accelerate the development of the forage industry. Liupu town, based on its own advantages, is committed to building a“Grass town” strategic planning, and take many measures to support the development of grass industry.

目前,在无棣县境内分别建成万亩以上的紫花苜蓿种植基地2处,3千亩以上连片建植的5处,全县种植面积累计达到3.8万亩。其中山东绿风农业集团有限公司系中国畜牧业协会草业分会副会长单位,公司苜蓿建植面积达1.2 万亩,生产的“牧禾”牌草捆、草粉、草块和青贮苜蓿等产品,荣获山东省知名品牌,生产的“中原804”苜蓿种子获中国种子行业信用评价AA级信用;2022、2023连续2年成功承办“全国牧草产业大会”,为苜蓿产业更加规模化、标准化、优质化发展,创制“牧草小镇”靓丽名片,打造牧草行业示范样板作出积极地贡献!

At present, two alfalfa planting bases of over 10,000 mu have been built in Wudi County, and five alfalfa planting sites of over 3,000 mu have been built in succession. The total area planted in the county has reached 38,000 mu. Shandong Lufeng Agricultural Group Co. , Ltd. is the vice-chairman of the grass branch of China Animal Husbandry Association, the company covers an area of 12,000 mu of alfalfa, “Muhe” brand hay bales, grass meal, grass blocks and silage alfalfa products, won the famous brand of Central Plain province, the production of “804” alfalfa seeds won the Chinese seed industry credit rating AA credit; In 2022 and 2023, we successfully held the“National forage industry conference” for two consecutive years, and created a beautiful name card of“Forage town” for the alfalfa industry to become more large-scale, standardized and high-quality, make a positive contribution to the grass industry model!


The establishment of the“Southern Symbol Academician's work base”, let the outstanding grass industry leading talents team hand in hand with the enterprise, has provided the good opportunity and the grasp hand for the Shandong Wudi alfalfa science and technology small courtyard construction, for the Green Wind Company Pasture Science and technology innovation can be magnificent new quality productivity.


Layout of grass production base of Green Wind Company


Attached: the full text of Academician's speech


Full text of Academician's speech













Today, I went to the alfalfa base of green wind group. I was very happy to see the alfalfa growing so well.

I was so excited to hear that Wudi County was building a town of 200,000 acres of alfalfa that I wanted to bring people here to see it and learn from it. Why is that? As a veteran who has worked on the grass industry front for more than 50 years, I feel deeply that the municipal government of Binzhou and the county government of Wudi County have strongly supported alfalfa. This is an important contribution to the adjustment of China's agricultural structure and the modernization of China's agriculture.

Why do you say that? Since the Han dynasty, China has always been grain-oriented, cutting grass and planting grain for agriculture. Turning over the grassland and planting food is agriculture, so this traditional concept has lasted for more than two thousand years. In developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries, in the 1930s, the proportion of farmland grass reached 30% -50% . In China, only 0.3% of the land was planted with grass. For a long time, grass has been neglected, in fact, affected the process of agricultural modernization.

Since the 18th National Congress of CPC, the ideas of big food, big agriculture, ecological civilization construction, beautiful China and healthy China have been gradually accepted by the whole society. But there are still all kinds of problems in planting grass. The county government of Wudi County can support the development of grass towns and alfalfa production. I think this is a creation, and it sets an example for the whole country.

Some time ago, I visited Lankao in Henan province. They planted 90,000 mu of alfalfa in the Yellow River floodplain, which has been very successful. If we really plant 200,000 mu in Wudi County, it is a great contribution and an important contribution to the modernization of Chinese agriculture. So here, I want to thank not only the county government of Wudi County, and the municipal government of Binzhou, but also director Cui for leading the company to do such a good job. I want to thank President Wang Zengyu for setting up the alfalfa courtyard here, organic combination with enterprises to promote the development of forage industry. China's grass industry is still a new industry, we need to work together and develop.

Shandong province has a long tradition of growing grass. I remember 20 years ago, when Dongying listed alfalfa as the city flower of Dongying and planted alfalfa vigorously, I had a good impression of the grass growing in Shandong province. This time, it really feels good.

The planting of alfalfa and other grasses needs to be developed vigorously, but it also needs to pay attention to some problems:

First, pay attention to the market. Because only with a market, the product can have a market. Grass, in terms of the industrial chain, is an intermediate product, not an end product. The purpose of growing grass is to develop livestock production from a production perspective, providing people with livestock products such as meat, milk, fibre, etc. , we must do well in the market and have a market outlook. With the market to develop vigorously, this is very important.

Second, pay attention to quality. The quality of the grass is the key. If we do not pay attention to quality, is their own brand. With the development of society today, we all pay attention to quality. Therefore, should put good product quality, form their own standards. Standards have national standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards, enterprise standards, so should start from enterprise standards. Green wind should use their own enterprise standards, enterprise standards higher than the industry standards, so that enterprises can stand. At the same time, the quality is good, there can be sales. Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, is the lifeline of alfalfa production, we must grasp the quality.

Thirdly, alfalfa production should be scientific. We hope that the county and municipal governments will guide us scientifically and support us in policy. At the same time, we should plant grass as food crops. Alfalfa is the fourth-largest industry in the United States after corn, soybeans and wheat, and it is grown on some fertile land in the United States because it produces much more value than food. Therefore, only strengthen scientific management, improve the level of planting, can increase the yield, can increase the income. County and municipal technical service departments should help enterprises to carry out scientific management, pay attention to collecting data, establish relevant files, and facilitate scientific cultivation. Green Wind Group has its own scientific research institutions, professional researchers, which is better, conducive to promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the development of industry, so that the country can be more powerful, only by modernizing agriculture can we realize it.

In conclusion, president Wang and I would like to work together with Binzhou, Wudi County and green wind to make a success of the forage industry. 

Thank you!

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