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Liu Kaichang, vice president of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Scien


On the morning of May 12, Liu Kaichang, a member of the party committee and Vice President of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Jia Chunlin, a researcher and deputy secretary of the General Party branch of the Leisure Agriculture Institute of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, wang Zongshuai, head of the Scientific Research Department of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Zhang Hui, director of the Maize Cultivation Office of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, came to the Liubao planting base of the green wind group, giving on-site guidance to the construction of Wudi experimental base, a national key research and Development Program project,Shandong Green Wind Agricultural Group Co. , Ltd. . Deputy General Manager, senior engineer Xu Shuli accompanied the activities.


Vice-president Liu Kaichang has made site visits to the Wudi County experimental base of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Liubao town planting base of Lufeng Company.


Investigation of wheat experimental fields


The wind blows the wheat field thousand layer waves, is another year harvest time. President Liu first came to the wheat field, see this year's wheat growth is very happy, carefully asked the wheat sowing time, sowing amount, field management, resistance performance and other related conditions. He pointed out that we must do a good job in the management of experimental fields, especially in plant protection, weed control, data retention, file management, and so on, and do a good job in basic practical recording work, often to the experimental field to see, make a good record of photography. The key period to ensure that strictly in accordance with the requirements of the implementation of the operation in place, found a timely solution to the problem.


Investigation of greenhouse cultivation and breeding


Greenhouse storage chip, after a variety of time to add. In the greenhouse, president Liu Kaichang had a detailed understanding of the breeding and testing of new varieties, and emphasized the need to be comprehensive and careful in the aspects of test comparison, data statistics, analysis and processing, etc. , to lay a solid foundation for early breeding of fine new varieties, the most basic and truest primary source are provided.


The management of saline-alkali soil in alfalfa field was investigated


The alfalfa swayed thousands of Li Bi, purple flowers in full bloom on the ground. President Liu went to the grass planting base of green wind company again. When he saw the endless and blue alfalfa fields, president Liu was happy to say that alfalfa is high-quality grass for improving saline-alkali land, for saline-alkali land management has a very obvious effect. To speed up the integrated operation of the base to form a series of seedlings, products, technical standards and physical and chemical results, as a typical saline-alkali land improvement and utilization of demonstration and promotion.


Visit Guide to the Processing Workshop


During the visit, the company's deputy general manager Xu Shuli reported to President Liu Test base construction and the development of the company. President Liu gave full recognition and recognition to the construction of Wudi experimental base, a national key research and Development Program project, and the work done by Green Wind Corporation, at the same time, according to the actual situation of the precise guidance: first, in crop planting management, I hope the company to seize the key production links, especially in the experience promotion, the scale demonstration, the management plan and so on technical aspects must pay special attention to the implementation; Attention should be paid to the effective implementation of straw returning to increase organic matter content through supporting technologies, the protective development and utilization of saline-alkali land, and the overall planning of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences to implement the technical schemes of related projects to the base, each of which should be concretized, we will strive to build a large-scale demonstration base for intelligent management and comprehensive utilization of saline-alkali land within 3-5 years to achieve the ideal effect of fundamental management, we should increase the cultivation of new varieties, such as wheat varieties and silage maize varieties, and speed up the innovation and replacement of varieties, and select the varieties with good performance through experimental popularization, the old varieties will be phased out until all of them are renewed, so that farmers can really plant good varieties with high yield, good quality and strong resistance to adversity. In order to ensure national food security, we will encourage farmers to increase their incomes and increase agricultural efficiency.


Xing Chengjun, head of the Wudi County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and Wang Xiuli, head of the Wudi County Science and Technology Bureau, attended the event.

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